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Research - Sinai Health System

Learn how Sinai Health System used SeamlessMD's remote patient monitoring to reduce readmissions by 50%.

SeamlessMD Helps You:

  • Improve the patient experience
  • Prevent readmissions and ER visits
  • Prevent surgery cancellations
  • Reduce total cost of the episode
  • Collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

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Patients Engaged


Would Recommend To Other Patients


Avoided Unecessary Phone Calls


Avoided Unecessary Hospital Visits

Deliver best-practice patient education

Customizable, template pathways

Our content incorporates best-practices for Adult Learning, Health Literacy, etc.

Best-practice illustrations

Based on evidence-based design for positive health behaviour change.

Evidence-based videos

Based on recommendations from the literature for effective video education.
health education

Improve pre-op preparation

Timely reminders

Automate reminders by text, email or in-app notification to keep patients on track.

Digital care plans

Provide checklists and timelines so patients know what to expect.

24/7 library access

Comprehensive library of perioperative education, illustrations and videos.
health education

Prevent post-discharge failures

Empower self-management

Patients track progress and receive automated feedback for self-care.

Monitor patient progress

Care teams can track recovery, including symptoms, milestones and wound photos.

Notify providers of at-risk patients

If desired, automatically alert providers for early signs of complications.
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Research & Analytics

Collect Patient Reported Outcomes

Collect, graph and filter custom surveys, including PROs and satisfaction data.

Gain insight into the patient experience

Access unique patient insights including post-op symptoms, recovery milestones, etc.

Monitor your performance

Benchmark patient adherence, engagement and outcomes across your organization.
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Seamless Features

Multimodal platform technology

SeamlessMD is accessible through the Web, Apple, and Android.

Custom reports, dashboards & analytics

View the data you need for quality improvement through custom reports, dashboards and analytics.

Library of template,
integrated care pathways

Best-practice, evidence-based integrated care pathways and education templates.

Engaging Patient Education

Empower your patients with engaging education resources following best-practice, evidence-based Health Literacy guidelines.

Electronic reminders

Send reminders through SMS, Email & Push Notifications

Electronic PRO collection

Collect patient reported outcomes in real-time, automatically.

Fully customizable care plans & workflows

SeamlessMD is customized to your workflow to deliver the best results for your organization.

HIPAA & PHIPA compliant

All information shared over the platform is HIPAA & PHIPA Compliant.

Secure messaging

Send and Receive Secure Messages in the form of text, photo and video to ensure your patients are receiving the best recommendations and care.

EHR Integration

SeamlessMD integrates with your existing EMR/EHR to make the entire workflow seamless.
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Seamless acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. My patients feel more connected to me and they self-manage much better than before.

Carmine Simone – Chief of Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital

If you are a patient and need help with the program, please contact support@seamless.md