Life-changing surgery lets mom and son have fun together

“To help support patients, the centre worked with SeamlessMD to develop an app, launched in September 2016. The popular app helps prepare patients for surgery by reinforcing education about healthy diet and exercise, what to expect at appointments, medications and more. After surgery, the app sends patients an email every day for 30 days, asking about pain, nausea, vomiting, mood, nutrition and more. 'It’s empowering for them to manage their own care,' said Michelle Foulkes, Clinical Manager of The Ottawa Hospital's Bariatric Centre of Excellence. 'The app has reduced the number of calls to the clinic.' ”

Rush deploys messaging software to improve postsurgery recoveries

“Rush tapped a similar technology to support its ERAS program, short for “enhanced recovery after surgery.” The medical center offers patients a downloadable app called SeamlessMD, which is accessible via phone, tablet, and computer. The app then prompts patients to remind them about any instructions from their surgeon—information that can be particularly difficult for patients to absorb after a surgical procedure, notes the medical center’s announcement, which describes the technology.”

New app helps surgery patients follow post-op instructions

“Follow the doctor’s orders after a major surgery and the chances are you’ll find yourself moving down the path to healing. But how do you remember the doctor’s orders? Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center has introduced a new app, called SeamlessMD, that 'prompts, monitors, and encourages activities that promote healing.' The app which is downloadable via phone, tablet, and computer, prompts patients to remind them about any instructions from their surgeon.”

Using an App to Speed Surgical Recovery

“SeamlessMD is a tool that was specifically designed to support patients through a surgical process that includes enhanced recovery,” says Anthony Perry, MD, the Vice President for Ambulatory Care and Population Health at Rush University Medicl Center. “We already had determined that we wanted to provide our patients with the benefits of enhanced recovery protocols, and we had implemented ERAS in several surgical areas. Finding an app that supported that commitment was a nice potential marriage. It’s not only a neat technology, but a neat technology that’s truly aligned with our own goals of better health for those patients coming through the ERAS process.”

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery spreads through Canada

“Canada is a leader in moving this model forward,” says Joshua Liu, CEO of Toronto-based SeamlessMD, a company designing software that enables hospitals to launch, optimize and expand integrated care pathways for surgery, including ERAS. “We’re one of the partners of healthcare organizations who are writing this new narrative around, ‘How do you take what we’ve done manually for 20 years and make it digital and more efficient,’” says Liu.

App Helps C-Section Patients Reduce Length of Hospital Stay after Delivery

"Women who used a smartphone app as part of a Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) program were released from the hospital sooner after delivering their babies via cesarean section, according to a study presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2017 meeting. This study, and other research presented at the meeting, highlight how PSH programs and physician-led care lead to improved quality of care, while lowering costs."

SeamlessMD makes the Global Digital Health 100

"We are delighted to be able to announce our Global Digital Health 100 Award List for 2015. Building upon the amazing response that we had from the industry to our 2014 award list this year’s 100 have been compiled from a combination of nominations and industry research to identify the most innovative and effective companies, from around the world, operating in the mobile, digital and connected care industries today."

App helps hip and knee patients with surgery

"The Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre has partnered with SeamlessMD to introduce a mobile app that patients can use to self-manage their recovery at home after hip or knee replacement surgery. The Holland Centre, part of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, is Canada’s largest joint replacement centre, performing over 2,200 surgeries annually."

SeamlessMD raises $1.1M for pre- and post-op patient engagement app

"Toronto, Canada-based SeamlessMD, a company that has developed an engagement tool for surgery patients, has raised $1.1 million from BDC Capital, FundersClub and angel investors."

How tech startups are bringing the digital revolution to hospitals

"Carmine Simone, chief of surgery at Toronto East General Hospital, had six procedures cancelled over a three-month period in 2013 because the patients had failed to stop taking their medication beforehand. His unit was also fielding waves of calls from discharged patients asking panicky questions after the fact. Simone found a solution with Seamless MD, a mobile app he and his team prescribed to patients during an 11-month pilot program."

Mobile device reminders help to improve post-operative outcomes

"Researchers from Toronto East General Hospital and SeamlessMD have found that the use of text message reminders and having patients log post-operative progress significantly reduces the risk of cancellations for procedures and decreases post-op ER visits."

Bariatric patients click their way to recovery

" 'I felt I was still connected to the health-care team after surgery,' says Karen Buker, Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) bariatric patient. The app was developed by the healthcare team at TWH's Bariatric Program in partnership with Seamless MD and is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users. The program has started a research study under the leadership of Dr. Allan Okrainec to evaluate how well the self-management app can support patients during the post-operative phase of the bariatric program."

Top 5 digital health giants you should be watching

"Seamless MD can prepare people for upcoming surgeries with pre- and post-op care information, medication reminders, interactive care plans and tools for self-management. Interestingly enough, this tool can also collect data and transmit it to the appropriate caregiver making those providers who use it eligible for certain reimbursement requirements."

Recovering From Surgery? There's An App For That

"Giving patients a phone app that serves as a "patient personal companion" could help them prepare for surgery and care for themselves afterward. SeamlessMD replaces the paper-based instructions often given to patients with something more manageable, interactive, and friendly."

McGill University to pilot engagement app for surgery patients

“We are excited to be working with SeamlessMD to use technology to improve patient care,” Liane Feldman, principal investigator for the study and director of the Steinberg-Bernstein Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery, said in a statement. “Currently, the ERAS protocol and audit tool is resource intensive and requires additional personnel. We wanted new ways to engage patients in their recovery and have been looking for an innovative solution to help with this.”

An App to Communicate with Patients

“Seamless MD helps reduce cancellations, phone calls and readmissions via an interactive mobile app that gives patients clear instructions and provides feedback for providers. You can customize the app to focus on timely reminders and adherence to pre-op instructions, post-op self-management and remote monitoring, collecting patient-centered outcome data, or all of the above. In most instances, it can be set up remotely, but the company also provides on-site support for larger implementations. It's HIPAA-compliant and can be accessed by any smartphone, tablet or computer.”

New system for surgical patients helps them prepare, recover faster

“A new computerized system, designed to help patients prepare for their operations before surgery and to help monitor their recovery afterwards, is proving to be highly effective. The Toronto East General Hospital tested the platform, called SeamlessMD, in a trial involving 70 thoracic surgery patients that began December 2013. The test had already resulted in fewer missed appointments.”

6 Apps That Can Reduce Readmissions

"Mobile apps that help prevent readmissions serve to help hospitals avoid financial penalties issued under the ACA for patients who return to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. SeamlessMD's mobile app system asks the patient to enter information about temperature or pain level to gauge warning signs of surgical complications. It also allows patients to submit photos of surgical wounds to share with a doctor."

Preventing readmissions: Is there an app for that?

"SeamlessMD is one startup trying to tackle post-surgery complications. The Seamless system asks the patient to spend about two minutes inputting information about temperature, pain levels and whether he or she is experiencing lightheadedness as ways to monitor the patient's status and look for early warning signs of surgical complications."

Two Canadian health care apps that could save lives and tax dollars

"If caught earlier, many complications resulting from surgery could be mitigated or prevented altogether. SeamlessMD, could remedy the situation. The app offers personalized recovery instructions and prompts patients to document symptoms and photograph surgical wounds on a daily basis. Its algorithms provide immediate feedback so that users can manage minor problems on their own and enables health care practitioners to remotely catch serious problems well before a patient shows up in the emergency room."

Toronto startup launches first-of-its kind solution for surgery patients

"SeamlessMD, a Toronto startup led by physicians, designers and engineers, has devised what may be the first mobile tracking solution that supports surgical patients throughout their entire journey – from pre-op to post-op. SeamlessMD has gone live with a system that delivers interactive care plans to patients on smartphones, tablets and the web, and connects post-op patients with their care-givers in real-time."

The Mobile App That Helps Patients Monitor Their Own Recovery

"SeamlessMD lets patients monitor their recovery after surgery with a mobile app -- and get help when they need it. The app helps patients avoid the demoralizing journey back to the hospital they just left. It could also greatly reduce health care costs: hospitals in Canada readmit more than 40,000 patients a year after surgery, costing more than $420 million."

20 Promising Canadian Digital Health Companies to Watch

"Named a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare and one of the top 20 hottest innovation companies in Canada by CIX, the platform can lower the risk of readmission and post-op complications thereby increasing provider availability for other patients."

ATA2015 Supplement: Engaging Patients to Deliver Improved Surgical Outcomes

"A recent trial conducted at Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) has demonstrated the benefits of using a web & mobile-enabled, patient engagement program to help improve the outcomes and experiences of patients undergoing thoracic surgery. The results have shown significant improvements in surgical outcomes and reductions in cancellations of procedures."

Your patient’s personal navigator for surgery

"When a patient is discharged from hospital, a healthcare gap emerges. Following surgery, the current standard of patient education is either verbal or paper-based. Most patients find surgery traumatic and stressful and so verbal instructions can be forgotten or paper instructions not fully read or or lost. This puts patients at risk and prevents providers from delivering quality care. SeamlessMD offer the opportunity to deliver advanced remote care."

Engaged Patients. Better Outcomes.

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Seamless acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. My patients feel more connected to me and they self-manage much better than before.

Carmine Simone – Chief of Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital

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